vikramK 2

I grew up in Bangalore, India. I then did one semester in electrical engineering at IIT Madras (Yes I went thru the brutal IIT entrance exam). My family then migrated to New Zealand and I did my undergraduate at University of Auckland where I received the James Gordon Goodfellow memorial award (university medal).

Australian National University (PhD and postdoc). My PhD supervisory committee was John Moore (deceased),  Brian Anderson and Bob Bitmead.

University of Melbourne (1994-2002): Melbourne is one of the nicest cities I have lived in. At Melbourne University I started as a senior lecturer (British term for associate professor), then Reader (British term for a rank between associate and full professor) and then full professor (personal chair). I served as Deputy head of Department for a couple of years.

University of British Columbia  (2002-2016) where I held the Canada Research Chair professorship. Vancouver is great for 3 months of the year – the remaining 9 months its rains non-stop.

Cornell University (2016-present)  I am a professor of ECE at Cornell University and also a professor at Cornell Tech.  Cornell Tech is a graduate school within Cornell University that focuses on digital technologies. Cornell is an amazing place and Cornell Tech in NYC has exciting possibilities.